Black Ark is the animation directing duo Kam Kalambay and Noah Sterling. Kam, born in Nairobi, Kenya to a Congolese Father and a Kenyan/Ugandan Mother. Initially aspiring to be a film storyboarder, Kam turned his talents towards directing 2D animation. Kam collaborated on the Grammy nominated album, Ziggy Marley’s ‘Rebellion Rises’, directing and animating the titular single; and also directed Mumbi’s ‘Probably For Lovers’. 


Noah Sterling is a mixed-media director, born in Manhattan, NY. Noah’s career in animation began with a successful web-series pitch to Marvel Entertainment, which led to him creating three of Marvel’s highest performing digital series. Noah has also been directing music videos and branded content for music stars including Doja Cat, Noah Cyrus, Yungblud, and The Grateful Dead. Kam and Noah’s collaborations combine their global influences from anime, science-fiction, afro-futurism, action movies, and fantasy to create unique narratives and visuals for animation.

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